Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists assist clients to develop the skills and devices needed to participate in meaningful activities and to achieve health and wellbeing. At Reach Therapy Services, we work with children to enable them to participate and enjoy both voluntary and essential activities. We can focus on developing specific skill areas depending on what your child needs, including fine motor skills, gross motor skills and emotional regulation. We can also provide support and education with respect to sensory processing differences. We tailor assessments to each individual child by taking into account developmental norms. This allows us to develop interventions that are specifically designed for your child.

Speech Pathology

Speech pathology involves the assessment, diagnosis and intervention of speech, language and social communication disorders. Interventions are developed to assist and support children who have difficulty communicating. Interventions can be focused on developing including speech sounds and fluency, targeting receptive and expressive language challenges and supporting with social communication. 

The Hanen Program

The Hanen Program is an evidence-based program designed to assist parents in supporting their children and helping to improve their daily interactions. At Reach Therapy Services we offer training through the following programs:


More Than Words

The More Than Words program was designed to assist parents with children aged 5 and under who are on the autism spectrum and who experience social communication difficulties. The More Than Words program is aimed at arming parents with the tools and strategies needed to assist their children in connecting with others and achieving the following goals:

• improved social communication and interactions;

• improved play skills; and

• improved imitation skills.



The TalkAbility program was designed for parents of verbal children between the ages of 3 – 7 who are on the autism spectrum and have social communication difficulties. The program has been developed to teach parents practical strategies to help their children learn people skills, that is, the ability to “tune in” to and understand others’ thoughts and feelings by picking up on non-verbal cues and by considering things from the others’ perspectives. These skills are crucial to your child being able to engage in successful conversations and develop meaningful relationships.